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Elemental muscle growth

Noéyihn‘s inhabitants bound to any elemental can learn to use a special ability, mostly used as fighting technique: muscle growth.

This technique requires the use of an external source of elemental energy, which is getting transformed to extra vital energy, slowly making every muscles or a certain group (if user focus on a specific body part) grow at least twice bigger than usual.

« Popping » effect

Extra energy gets naturally consumed after a certain a few hours, slowly decreasing muscles mass to their usual size. However, process can be made faster if subject focuses to release the energy, slowly (a minute or so) or instantly.

In this last case, energy get out of the body so fast that it produces a « pop » sound. Volume gets increased in proportion of the amount of released energy, meaning that huge muscles pop can sound like an explosion. It also produces a shock wave, that could be use as an attack in case of extreme necessity.

A pop will always happens if subject tries to get out of their growth limit, the shock leaving them dizzy for a moment. Beginners may also experience extra elasticity of their skin for a short period of time.

Champion-verse restrictions

In comparison to silly-verse, champion related stories have more realistic limits, that makes muscle growth a technique to use wisely.

Growth limits, mastering level, side effects…

  • Subject needs to master their elemental to a minimum level of 4 in order to use this technique.
  • With enough will and focus, users are able to make their muscles three times bigger than usual, but makes the process more painful.
  • Subject must be careful of not popping of getting too greedy: such event is costly for the body, making it weary and weak, leaving user in a weakened state.

Alternative use

In case of no external source available, subject can trigger a short and fast growth by using his own energy, with a risk of quick tiredness. This technique is only recommended to use in case of extreme necessity (see page 79 of Codename: Statyk).

Yetshi reaching his muscles growth limit in Champion-verse

Silly-verse special features

General additions

Air element

Two ways exists when air is used as external source of energy:

In almost every cases after a pop, subject’s body will still hold a small amount of air for the next 12 hours, which will be slowly consumed then.