Human civilization over eras

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Snooper17 suggested, about « Incompatibility with elemental abilities »:

The reason as to why Humans aren’t born with ‘Elemental Powers’ isn’t because of the gods punishment for their past misdeeds, but rather it’s to do with the fundamental fact that they are ‘Incompatible’ with any form of elemental properties, as it says in the wiki for Era 0, humans were experimenting on the natural fauna to gain insight & potentially harness their abilities, but now, even after a thousand years, humanity is just incapable of obtaining this gift, it just flat out wasn’t built for them to begin with (mostly thanks to growing up & adapting on a world where such gifts were never present), even some of the gods themselves have slowly grown a fondness for Humans over the centuries, believing to not judge this current generation on the sins of their ancestors’ misdeeds, It’s More to do with an ever growing sense of tragic pity, since these beings are disconnected with nature & out of their control, like why a possibly Kind & Courageous Human is naturally locked out of any gifts, but any Dishonorable & Cowardice Noeyihn is given a free pass, is sometimes beyond their comprehension (Eldolith would probably have a soft spot for them, Oxydia would be indifferent, only taking interest in those who prove themselves, and Grolik would continue to hold an insatiable grudge towards them) but even so, they can’t do anything for them thanks to their frail bodies & spirits, the only thing they can do is guide their own ‘Chosen & Champions’ to seek out certain individuals to build strong friendships & relations as a means of consolation.

It’s not all doom & gloom however, because Elemental attributes have no means of empowering humans, throughout the millennium, their bodies have adapted to result in them becoming quite resistant to such harm from elemental energy, they’re not immune to it, but they have developed certain internal countermeasures that make tackling them a bit more difficult compared to other Species. It’s kind of like how in ‘Fantasy’ stories how Dwarves are incapable of learning Magic, but on the flipside, are highly resistant to it’s effects, basically making them the ‘Anti-Magic Police’ for warding off Blood magic & Necromancers. Unfortunately however, it is this very same defensive measure that has earned humans some distain from devoted groups of Reptiles, pretty much fueling their racism towards them, whether out of ‘Natural Selection’-ism, seeing them as too weak & pathetic for the Gods, or out of Heresy for trying to counter the gifts bestowed by the gods.

Snooper17 suggested, about « Human & Noeyihn relations & acceptance »:

Throughout almost all of Era 1, the world of Neoyihn was a barren, desolate wasteland, devoid of nearly all human technological wonders, so while the empire had asserted itself as the new rulers, the rest of what was left of humanity still clinged to the belief that they could still reclaim the world for themselves, waged a more primitive & brutal war against the reptiles, to minimal success. During this time, All inhabitants of Noeyihn were of the one mindset that Humanity were the ruthless conqueror’s that had to be stopped, even the gods, whether out of Aggression, Righteousness or Self-Defense, were all on the same page, and that Humanity needed to stopped. Searching far & wide for their Chosen & Champions, guiding, training & empowering them in the defense of their homeworld.

However, by the end of Era 1 & the beginnings of Era 2, Humanity finally conceded & came to the harsh reality that this was no longer their world anymore, and thus, chose to hide themselves underground, to simply make the best out of a bad situation, and to live out their lives solemnly. Meanwhile, the reptiles and every other Noeyihn rejoiced & moved on to building up their civilization through the many stages of technological ages, and the gods, now believing the threat of humanity was long since over, began a more productive & harmonious virtue of living…..all except for ‘Grolik’, because from his point of view, as long as Humans continued to exist in life, Noeyihn would only continue to be under threat, and chose to lead his Chosen & Champion on a bloody crusade to stomp them all out, Oxydia & Eldolith were confused, as Humans admitted defeat and the threat was clearly over, so they saw this crusade as unneeded & unnecessary, but Grolik was undeterred.

During the Height of Era 2, the industrial age was in full swing, many major advancements in Noeyihn technology such as Infrastructure, agriculture & transportation, and in the midst of this inventive boom, a group of Noeyihn reptile medics traveled to a site of an old underground Human colony bunker in search of knowledge, they had hoped to trade information for benefits to both parties, what they got instead, was a massacre, unfortunately for the denizens of this colony, Grolik’s Champion had recently found this location and went on to brutally murder every living soul, including women & children, when the head researcher asked why he carried out such needless carnage, he only replied « They were Human….That’s Reason Enough »

Grolik & his followers didn’t know it, but their actions became the catalyst to improving Human-Noeyihn relations, it didn’t happen overnight, but it forever implanted the seed of sympathy into the minds of many Noeyihns, even Oxydia & Eldolith believed that this slaughter was just one step too far, and so over the next number of centuries, Human underground settlements remained hidden from the public eye.