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Noéyihn Chronicles



Noéyihn Chronicles are divided in alternative universes, which are also divided in timelines.


The champion-verse is meant to be the place where all serious stuff goes. Life isn’t always easy for our heroes who sometimes have to face horrible criminals.

In the name of Oxydia

The main timeline used in most of the stories. It tells the tales of the champion of Oxydia over eras (Edward, Yetshi, …). Here’s the list of stories related:

  • The Broken Sword (new Yetshi’s back story)
  • Dawn of Justice (remake of Demron’s first meeting with Yetshi)
  • Codename: Statyk
  • Secrets in Crystal (crossover story by Sluggu)
  • Mission Enlightenment (crossover story by Charlie-Albert)

Other timelines

  • God’s abandonment: a timeline taking place in the future of era 3, where gods have disappear from Noéyihn, letting new inhabitants without elemental affinities. Atmosphere is a mix of post-apocalyptic and cyberpunk genres.
  • A Motif of Sacrifice: created especially for the novel « Sword of Discord« , it gathers crossover stories written by Eduardo-A-Amazonas.


The silly-verse is a like a sandbox, nothing is too serious, anything can happen! Stories taking part of the silly-verse are made to be fun to read and often contains elemental growth stuff.

Yetshi’s Adventures

As title says, this timeline is about Yetshi’s adventures as treasure hunter and is meant to be a not-so-serious series.

Stories related are comics in development:

  • First Mission (introduction of Yetshi and Draeter as treasure hunters and their first encounter with Krohber’s crew)
  • Artifacts (a story about Yetshi’s electric artifact and Draeter’s earth rings)