Noéyinh‘s calendar contains the same amount of days, weeks and months than Earth. It uses original names for its days and months. In dates, day comes first, followed by month, year and (when necessary) indicative code of the era (ex: E3 for third era).


  1. Firsis (Monday)
  2. Segis (Tuesday)
  3. Termis (Wednesday)
  4. Quatis (Thursday)
  5. Finqis (Friday)
  6. Séhis (Saturday)
  7. Tandis (Sunday)


Months names are based on the French Republican calendar (used during French revolution and empire).

  1. Nixidor (January)
  2. Pluvidor (February)
  3. Vinddor (March)
  4. Phéador (April)
  5. Floador (May)
  6. Gramidor (June)
  7. Messidor (July)
  8. Thtidor (August)
  9. Frugedor (September)
  10. Skerudor (October)
  11. Mistidor (November)
  12. Frimador (December)


So far, life on Noéyihn has been divided in three eras, each one delimiting big changes in the world: