Lilith is a black female cobra, main antagonist of the comic « Codename: Statyk« . Unlike other super villains, she’s not part of the « Syndicate« .

Lilith as she appears in « Codename Statyk »
First appearence
August 15th, 2017
Created by
Distinguishing features
Scar on right eye, transparent hair
– Poison (at birth, level 6)
– Darkness (god present, level 5)
The Black Widow
Self-proclaimed goddess of darkness
Fighting style
Organic poison blades

Back story

Lilith gained a certain notoriety within the special and secret forces of The Agency, as she was suspected as author of a massacre that happened during the wedding of a prominent businessman: an explosion killed the newly married couple and their guests during the ceremonial procession. Videos and testimonials showed that a Lilith-like figure has been seen on the crime scene. She was indeed there, but what people ignore is: it was her wedding.

Lilith, before the accident (art by LoreGattyas)

Before becoming a criminal, her name was Linda Brilliant, but her friends were calling her « Lilya« . One day, she met a charismatic, magnificent and quite powerful man. They felt mutual love and decided to marry soon after. He was seeing her as a true deity for her beauty and liked her nickname so much that he called her that way most of the time.

After the explosion at their wedding, the setting was covered in flames, making it hard to see what happened; but Lilya was still there, injured and asking for help. The goddess Tenehmae had given her a second chance, gifting her affinity to darkness, but at which cost?

As everyone thought she died like the others, she got an opportunity to secretly find out who kill her husband. The murderer was a rich and powerful female politician; maybe she did it out of jealousy, or maybe for money… When Lilya discovered the truth, her sadness turns into anger and with all this darkness inside her, her body started to mutate, darkening and sharpening her scales. Bound to poison element at birth, she developed a deadly technique: hard organic poisoned blades coming out her skin. She accidentally injured her eye with one of them while trying to control this new power.

Some times later, she changed her name for « Lilith« , managed to kill the culprit and took her place. The admiration her late husband was giving her got the upper hand and became an obsession. She wants to become a goddess at all costs and even replace the current goddess of darkness.