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First appearence
March 12, 2021
Created by
Distinguishing features
Lightning mark on right eye
– Air (at birth, level 7)
– Lightning (at birth, level 7)
Place of residence
Irr Xagoh
– Special agent at The Agency
PowerUP mascot
Fighting style
Martial arts, sword
Yetshi McTaylis (clone base)
Fred Colder (creator)

Statyk is a male iósi, elemental of air and lightning, clone of Yetshi McTaylis.

Back story (all universes)

During first era

When he was living during the first era of Noéyihn, the dinosaur was chief and best warrior of a iósis tribe during first era.

He got the chance to fight right beside Bedivere (first champion of Oxydia) during the Great War.
Believing in the strength of his tribe, he refused the champion’s help to protect his village against Grolik‘s evil forces, sadly resulting in the annihilation of his village.

During third era

Centuries later, Statyk was cloned in the laboratories of the space station LYN-ES1 as part of a program meant to recreate extinct species of Noéyihn (cf. Codename: Statyk).

Back story (Champion-verse)

Like Yetshi, Statyk works for The Agency as special agent.

Back story (Silly-verse)

A new PowerUP mascot

As member of the same species than their previous mascot, PowerUP saw an awesome commercial opportunity and asked Statyk to represent their products as ambassador.

In love with the awesome effects of the energy drink, Statyk was about to accept but at a condition: becoming their new mascot. The lightning mark on the iósi face was a bit of a problem, but after thoughts, they realized it could refer to the energy boost of their famous drink and accepted to hire Statyk as their new mascot.


Siegfried (art by Sluggu)

Gifted by Demron, Siegfried is a custom-made multi-functional drone hosting a personal artificial intelligence, assisting Statyk in his everyday life.

Here is a list of its integrated technologies:

  • High capacity battery
  • Multi-purpose scanner
  • Camera
  • Holographic projector
  • digiV system
  • Vaporizer (diffusing medicinal vapes to calm down Statyk when situation gets out of control)