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Yash McTaylis

First appearence
August 12, 2019
Created by
Birth date
12 Mistidor 106E3
– Air (level 5, at birth)
Gecko enozar
Place of residence
Irr Xagoh
Comic artist, musician
Audrey McTaylis (spouse)
Yetshi McTaylis (twin brother)
Yann McTaylis (father)
Kira McTaylis (mother)

Yash McTaylis is a male gecko enozar, working as a visual artist and multi-genre musician.
He is the twin brother of Yetshi McTaylis and is married to Audrey McTaylis.

Back story (all universes)

Son of Yann and Kira McTaylis, Yash was born in the same egg than his twin brother Yetshi the 12 Mistidor of year 106, third era.

When Yetshi moved to moon Frictos to start his military training, Yash chose to continue his studies in an art college located in Irr Xagoh. With no family living in the capital, he chose to share an apartment with another college student: Audrey. They learned to know each other and discovered lot of common interests.

After graduating a few years later, they decide to leave their apartment to join Yetshi and Aurore in the McTaylis villa and work there as freelance artists. Then they got engaged and eventually finished to get married.

Artistic career

Compared to his twin brother, Yash‘s career doesn’t change much between alternative universes.

Audrey and him are working together as comic artists, authors of the series « Pawered Force » (see below). Yash also has a side project in the field of music, composing multi-genres tracks. He’s working alone in champion-verse but form a band with Yetshi and Statyk in silly-verse.


Upsilon in the comic « Paw-ered Upsilon »

Upsilon is a fictive superhero created by Yash and Audrey, from their comic series « Pawered Force » promoting PowerUP products.

His look is mostly based on his creator but unlike him, he has an athletic body and strands of hair on the sides on his head. He always wears a mask over his eyes, red and black backward cap, black tank-top and red pants.

Upsilon super-powers aren’t natural (even if he might share the air affinity of Yash). They are based on PowerUP products (mainly energy drinks and pump), increasing his strength and giving him an unique style to beat criminals.