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Yetshi McTaylis

First appearence
March 18, 2010
Created by
Birth date
12 Mistidor 106 E3
Distinguishing features
Lightning mark on right eye
– Air (at birth, level 7)
– Lightning (god present, level 7)
Place of residence
Irr Xagoh
– Champion of Oxydia
– Special agent at The Agency
– Bounty/treasure hunter
Fighting style
Martial arts, sword
Oxydius, revolver, retractable bow
Machette, revolver
Aurore McTaylis (spouse)
Yill McTaylis (son)
Yash McTaylis (twin brother)
Yann McTaylis (father)
Kira McTaylis (mother)
Statyk (clone)

Yetshi McTaylis is an enozar gecko from planet Noéyihn, elemental of air and lightning, working as special agent for The Agency.

Back story (all universes)

Son of Yann and Kira McTaylis, Yetshi was born in the same egg as his twin brother Yash the 12 Mistidor of year 106, third era. Even if the brothers are perfect twins, Yetshi inherited a rare feature that gave him a different main skin color than Yash.

The accident

It was a summer day, the twins enozar geckos were spending the afternoon outside, walking down the road next to the lake of Quamtir. The sky was cloudy and a sudden rain started to fall, forcing the brothers to move and find a shelter.

While running, they noticed that someone was still in the water: a young blue female gecko enozar, certainly a water elemental. It was easy to guess just by looking at the ease she had swimming, like a siren, under the rain that intensified within the minute.

Then they heard the crack of thunder. They had to hurry and find a safe place, but they couldn’t let the girl in the lake; the risk of electrocution during such weather was minor but still possible. They tried to call her, but the sound of rain drops against the ground and water surface was too loud. There was only one solution left.

Without hesitation, Yetshi ran, jumped into the lake and swam toward her. She screamed in surprise when he reached her, but calmed her down, explaining to her quickly the situation before swimming back together to the bank of the lake. Yash, who was standing on the nearest pontoon helped her to climb on it, but before he could grab his twin brother’s hand, a bolt of lightning struck the surface of the lake…

Seeing his bravery, the goddess of skies Oxydia decided to give him a second chance and saved him from death, giving him at the same time control of the element who nearly killed him: lightning.

On waking in a hospital chamber, after visits of doctors and family members, the young female he saved came to thank him. She was on vacation and now had to move back to the capital city where she lives: Irr Xagoh. Before leaving, she gave him a kiss and told him her name: Aurore. She will never forget him.

Personality changes and military training

After the accident, Yetshi started to act differently. His new elemental powers gave him a surge of self-confidence, making him try things he had never done before.

One evening, while drinking some alcohol in a bar, he heard two soldiers on leave talking about the army, looking for new recruits. Yetshi wasn’t thinking clearly at this moment and started to ask them for details and after a long discussion (and some more drinks), they managed to make him sign for one year of military training.

His family members, firstly in shock after receiving an official letter from the army, calling their son to join the forces on moon Frictos, finally saw it as an opportunity to put Yetshi back on the right track.

First weeks of the training were hard for the gecko, until he met Draeter, a black dragon as stubborn as him, who will soon become his best friend and partner in crime in future adventures.

Meeting the girls

At the end of his military training, Yetshi went back to Noéyihn, in the capital city of Irr Xagoh, to visit his brother who was now studying in an art college. There, he met Audrey: Yash‘s roommate.

Thanks to her, Yetshi went to visit a spa in the city center to meet the young female he saved years ago: Aurore, Audrey‘s older sister, who’s now working as a water-therapist. At first sight, love was in the air: it was the beginning of a long and strong relationship that would lead years later, to a wedding and even later, the birth of their son: Yill.

Back story (Champion-verse)


Between the moment he got struck by thunder and the moment he woke up at the hospital, Yetshi heard the voice of Oxydia calling him, keeping him away from death, she seemed to want something from him.

He got visions of lightning bolts, alcohol bottles, a black and a white dragon in military uniforms, a temple in a vast forest, a humanoid rodent and finally, a sword with ancient runes glowing on its blade. Were they visions of the future? Yetshi didn’t get answers but a last sentence of the goddess, promising him to explain everything when the gecko is ready.

Joining « The Agency »

Six months after the beginning of their training, recruits of the military base got the visit of a senior officer, a white dragon commander: West, looking for soldiers with promising skills. He saw a lot of potential in Yetshi and Draeter and closely followed their progress over the next months.

At the end of their training, the white dragon offered them the chance to join an important organization, specialized in counter attacking high criminality and terrorist activities on the planet and its surrounding: The Agency.

First mission

While searching for a first mission that would fit the gecko’s skills (in order to complete his special agent training), commander West received an unexpected message from a high priest of Oxydia, asking for help after the theft of the broken pieces of their legendary sword: Oxydius. The goddess appeared to the priest as a vision, giving him clues related to The Agency and telling him « the lightning bolt is the key ».

Convinced from the beginning that the lightning bolt on Yetshi‘s face was more than just a simple mark, the white dragon knew this mission wasn’t a coincidence, Oxydia was calling for the blue gecko.

After a long talk with the commander and a briefing about his mission, Yetshi traveled alone to the forest of Imorgondia, where the great temple of Oxydia is located. After investigation, he found clues about the thieves: the sword’s energy signature pointed to a criminal hideout located on an asteroid floating around Noéyihn.


Once on site, the blue gecko found out the hideout was hosting a black market auction sale for high important members of the criminal scene. While waiting for reinforcements from The Agency, the gecko stayed hidden in the dark to watch the event.

Oxydius was part of items for sale, but not as broken pieces: it had been reforged with a new blade made of blue metal glass. Demands got pretty high for it, but in the end, a well-known mafioso won the sword: Diego Erzia. At this moment, Yetshi remembered he was part of his visions and knew it was time to act.

Emerging from the dark, he called out the rodent, claiming the sword as property of Oxydia. All criminals in the room started to point their guns at him, but luckily for the lizard, reinforcements arrived at the same moment. Erzia, refusing to surrender, grabbed Oxydius and ran away as fast as he could.

Yetshi succeeded to catch him and after a short fight, knocked him down. At the moment he grabbed the sword, its yellow crystal started to shine, golden runes appeared on the blue blade, time slowed down and a burst of light filled the whole room.

Champion title

When Yetshi opened up his eyes again, he was elsewhere, a place out of space and time. He heard a voice calling him, the same voice he heard the day of the accident that changed his life years ago: Oxydia, goddess of skies appeared in front of him.

As he kneeled down to pay her respect, she started to explain to him her intentions, time has come to let him know more about his destiny. He now had an important role to play in Noéyihn‘s history: protect the planet and its inhabitants against the dark plans of Grolik, god of destruction.

Unsure of what to think and how he could accomplish such an important mission, Yetshi started to cry. Oxydia softly caressed his head, blessing him with her pure light, wiping away fear and doubts, filling him with new will and courage. With Oxydius in his hands and friends to support him, the new champion of Oxydia will never be alone to face dangers.

Back story (Silly-verse)

Treasure hunter job

During their last missions in the army, Yetshi and Draeter got the chance to visit other countries and planets to help inhabitants, discovering new cultures, learning old history facts and more.

Eager to experience more similar moments, they heard about a special zone of the military base, hiring bounty and treasure hunters to complete missions for special clients. In order to join the service, newcomers have to complete a first reconnaissance mission: gather as much information as possible about a possible treasure in a given location, in a limited time. Rewards then depend on information quantity and quality.

First fight between Krohber and Yetshi

Yetshi and Draeter‘s adventures began on planet Altopian; searching for details about a mysterious mineral. After hours of finding no proof of the mineral’s existence, an unexpected meeting with the right persons was going to change everything. Krohber‘s crew members were looking for the same thing and knew exactly where to search. The gecko and the dragon knew that they had to stop them before they left the planet.

After following the pirates to the treasure location and winning a fight against the entire crew, Yetshi and Draeter returned victorious from their mission, with more results than expected. Finding the legendary mineral granted them direct access to important hunter missions as well as an important amount of money as reward. It was just the beginning of the treasure hunters’ awesome adventures!

Arm tattoo meaning

Figure 1 – Yetshi’s arm tattoo

At the end of his military training, Yetshi decided to show off his mastered elements in a cool way: an arm tattoo (see figure 1) that he designed with the help of his twin brother Yash.

Here’s a detail of what it represents:

  1. Air symbol surrounding 2 dots (element received at birth).
  2. Lightning symbol adding a dot (element gifted by god) and striking through air.
  3. Elements mastered at maximum level (detail added after receiving his champion title).