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Draeter Ygdrae

First appearence
October 13, 2011
Created by
– Air (artifact, level 2)
– Earth (artifact, level 5)
Place of residence
Irr Xagoh
Special agent at The Agency
Fighting style
Martial arts, military weapons
Dominic Ygdrae (father)
Janjecko Ygdrae (brother)
Demron Prastivan (boyfriend)

Draeter Ygdrae is a black western dragon with no natural elemental affinity. He’s working as special agent for The Agency.

Back story (all universes)

Draeter is son of one of the richest businessman of Noéyihn: Dominic Ygdrae, current CEO of Ygdrae Enterprises. Unless the other members of his family, he took a different path for his career, preferring the action of battlefields than the boring business life.

Draeter as teenager (art by LoreGattyas)


The black dragon has always been a source of problems for his family. During his childhood, he preferred to skip classes rather than studying, had fun bullying his classmates, … lot of bad actions that were creating each time new conflicts with his father, who wanted him to become a strong businessman like his siblings.

A single family member was supporting him: Dominic’s brother, a high ranked soldier of Noéyihn‘s military forces he was seeing as his second father as there was a strong relationship between them. He taught Draeter respect and other important life stuff, making the young dragon more disciplined.

Sadly one day, the uncle got killed in mission on another planet. Lost in sadness and with anxiety due to new family conflicts, Draeter ran away from his house and found refuge in a street gang of the infamous district of Auburn in Irr Xagoh. He got arrested a few months later for small robberies, but it would a shame for his family if people was hearing about this story. Dominic then paid police and journalists to forget what happened and refund victims of the robberies. Instead of going to jail, Draeter received an offer to become recruit on Frictos military base and accepted it.

Military training

On Frictos, he met another recruit: Yetshi McTaylis, but their first encounter wasn’t as friendly as it is now. Due to the rivalry of their parents businesses (AshTec is the direct competitor of Ygdrae Enterprises in weaponry), Draeter was used to hear a lot of bad things about the McTaylis family, leading to constant taunts each time they bumped into each other.

One day, it went too far: they started to fight and received chores as punishment. Forced to work together, they started to learn about each other, apologized about what they said and eventually became friends.

At the end of their training, the black dragon received a gift: a golden ear ring that had belonged to his deceased uncle. Draeter’s mentor kept the ring as memento of his good friend but thought it should belong to the nephew his comrade was often talking about. The black dragon promised him he would wear it with pride.

Elemental artifacts

Draeter has managed to improve his fighting techniques thanks to elemental artifacts he received during his career.

  • The golden ear ring of his uncle is an air artifact that Yetshi helped him to control.
  • The four arms rings are earth artifacts he got as rewards for one of his missions. They allow him to master powerful fighting techniques, like strengthening his body or covering his arms with rock.


  • With Krohber, Draeter is the original character that received the least design changed over years.
  • Before 2020, he had a natural affinity to fire (with a chest tattoo related to it) and his arm rings were air artifacts.