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Draeter Ygdrae

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First appearence
October 13, 2011
Created by
– Air (artifact, level 2)
– Earth (artifact, level 5)
Place of residence
Irr Xagoh
Special agent at The Agency
Fighting style
Martial arts, military weapons

Draeter Ygdrae is son of one of the richest family of Noéyihn. He’s in conflict with his father for the path he decided to follow (not being part of the family business).

His ear ring is a memento of his deceased uncle, a high ranked soldier of Noéyihn‘s military force, killed in mission on another planet. There’s was strong relationship between them, as Draeter was concidering him as his second father. The black dragon will decide to follow his path later.

During his military training, he’ll meet another recruit: Yetshi, who noticed something that Draeter ignored: his ear ring is actually an air artifact. Yetshi will teach the dragon to control this element and use it in different ways. That’s how they’ll become best friends.

The four rings on his arms are earth artifacts he found during one of his first treasure hunting missions. They allow him to master powerful fighting techniques.