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Logo of PowerUP
Beverage, Food
100 E3
Irr Xagoh
Energy drinks, energy biscuits
Growing Futuristics

PowerUP is a subsidiary company of Growing Futuristics specialized in products causing fast growth spurts (mostly muscles).
Firstly created exclusively for the silly-verse, it also exists in champion-verse as a common energy drinks company.

List of products

Due to the use of slightly toxic plant in ingredients, PowerUP products are forbidden to minors. An overload can cause drunk feeling, somnolence or even temporary paralysis.

Energy drinks

Available in different flavors, PowerUP Energy Drink is the most sold product of the brand.

When drinking a can, an electric shock feeling from top to bottom of the body gives an instant power boost, followed by a slow growth spurt, doubling muscle mass.

Derivative products of the drink exist under different names, for different types of growth:

  • PawerUP, for paws/feet
  • LiftUP, for height

Growth spurt duration and effect are the same as the muscles related ones.

Air pump

Blueprint of the air pump’s hose connector

An usual air pump in appearance, allowing any user to inflate their body to a certain limit.

The pump hose connector contains a magnetic component (used to attach the hose) which is infused with elemental stone power, giving the user a low level air skill, allowing them to inflate/deflate their body as long as the hose is connected to them.


Looking like and tasting like usual cookies, PowerUP Bulkies offers an instant and fast muscle growth spurt to consumer, a few seconds after eating them.


As the name suggests, PowerUP Flex&Grow is a stimulant powder that makes muscles grow by flexing them. Growth is more or less effective depending of how hard customer flexes.


For customers who accidentally consumed a PowerUP product and got into an uncomfortable situation (too big to move or to leave a room, used the wrong item, need to get to normal size quickly, …), a solution exists to quickly nullify the effects: PowerDown.

In comparison to other products, PowerDown appears as some kind of medicine: pills containing high dose of special plants, highly reducing effects of any growth spurt, but with a drawback: user may experience drowsy feeling, due to sudden loss of energy.

In rare cases, customers not bound to any element can experience malfunction of their artifact (including PowerUP pump), giving them no way to undo recent elemental related growth. For these situations, PowerDown is highly recommended.