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Codename: Statyk

Cover of « Codename: Statyk » by McTaylis
Release date
December 2, 2020
Voshuli, AbNom, Syn
Action / Sci-Fi
Frictos, LYN-ES
Main characters

Codename: Statyk is a 183 pages long black and white comic written by McTaylis and drawn by LoreGattyas, taking place in Noéyihn-C1 and introducting Yetshi McTaylis‘ clone, Statyk into the lore.

Story plot

Yetshi McTaylis gets back to The Agency‘s headquarters on Frictos after the success of his latest mission: capturing a dangerous criminal related to Krohber’s crew.

He is then called to infirmary for a mandatory medical check-up, where he meets his old friend, Fred Colder, replacing the doctor for a day or two. The ice dragon tells Yetshi he is currently working on LYN-ES1, a new Lynra Laboratories space station where experiments are made on extincts species of the first era of Noéyihn to give them life again…

Patreon funding

A Patreon page has been launched in December 2020 to support the creation process of the project.
Closed in May 2023, it has been reopened in September 2023 to support the new edition « Resampled ».

Special thanks

These persons have contributed to the development of the comic, between December 2020 and May 2023:

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  • Soren Ashe
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