digiV is the name given to devices developed by CommaComm, using the technology of de-materialization to stock anything in virtual storage. They exist in different sizes, from portable (DIP series) to extra large models.

digiV model DIP-300

They are interfaced with ViOS (Virtual inventory Operating System) which can be installed on any external management devices (computers, digi-watches, …).


  • Limited storage of all types of allowed resources, managed by filters and folders. Limits can be increased with premium accounts.
  • Additional modules can be installed via upgrade terminals, in order to get specific storage slots (weapons, alcohol, …).
  • Possibility to duplicate any item (except blacklisted one) against money (depending of item base price).
  • Items can be traded for resources or money (depending of item quality and base price).

Hack mods

Like any device, digiV are targets of pirates, seeling hack modifications like :

  • Black Market : Remove restrictions for forbidden and blacklisted items.
  • Infinity : Unlimited storage and folders.
  • Copy/Paste : Free duplication (incompatible with Black Market mod).