Mctaylis Noéyihn Wiki




Life on Noéyihn is possible thanks to a combination of nine elements, that inhabitants can learn to control naturally or with the help of magic stones.

Elements and passive effects


Better resistance to shocks


Better reflexes, faster moves

Water / Ice

Water breathing, ease in water / Immunity to cold temperatures


Immunity to hot temperatures


Immunity to electric shocks


Immunity to diseases


Faster healing process


Night vision



Anyone can learn to control an element thanks to elemental artifacts. They are crafted from elemental stones, as accessories, tools or weapons. They have to be worn to gain abilities related to their element.

Elemental tattoos are also considered as (permanent) artifact as they use elemental stone powder as main ingredient.

At birth

Noéyihn’s inhabitants have a 60% chance to be linked to an element at birth. It can be inherited from a parent (50%), based of the date of the year (30%) or based on location (20%).

In case of this last possibility, temperature is an important factor. For example, ice will have higher priority in cold lands, like fire in arid places.

God’s gift

In rare occasions, gods of Noéyihn can gift a new element to the subject of their choice.

Such situation mainly happens during deadly accident when an element is in cause. If they believe a person deserve to live longer, a god can save them and grant them the control of the element that could have killed them.

A few chosen subjects can get the honor to become champion, with special missions given by gods to protect the planet.

Mastering levels

Mastering levels are calculated on how well a person is able to control their element.

Levels 1 to 2


Subject can use element in contact with their body and gain special powers (elemental resistance, energy recovering, …).

Levels 3 to 4


Subject can transform their energy into elemental actions to help them in their everyday life or as fighting techniques.

Levels 5 to 6


Subject can control element around them.

Level 7


Subject can control weather and transform into their element (only for chosen ones).