Elemental plants

Mirror rose

The elemental plant of light would have reflective capabilities reflecting the light,a black rose with a texture resembling crystals and glass the area where the rose is planted would become grayer as well as the rose’s thorns being very sharp.

Void marigold

The elemental plant of darkness would sort of suck in darkness feeding off of it giving it a glowing effect, resembling a marigold while the plant itself is harmless the area around it becomes white and can irritate the skin if it comes in contact with it.

Maple obsidian tree

Resembling a maple tree, it grows near fire stones, it’s sap would be bright light red and warm to the touch, it can be infused into things for higher protection against fire,or put into foods, drinks to give temporary resistance against fire, it’s sap could be used as well maple syrup for edible purposes.

Sapphire lotus

Near Lenaire there’s an unknown area it’s a lake connected to the shores of Lenaire, it’s bright sky blue with ice crystals in some corners (a lot of ice/water stones lie at the bottom of the lake),in it a flower that can be seen floating in the lake, the sapphire lotus it’s color is a deep blue with sea foam leaves,despite being in the water it’s completely dry when touched and also can never sink into the water as it will float up to the surface quickly,it produces liquids that can be infused into things for higher protection against water/ice or put into foods drinks (although mostly drinks) for higher protection against water/ice.

Windmill flower 

In sandy areas/deserts this peculiar plant lies,it gets its name because the petals of the flower spin like a windmill,releasing their pollen to reproduce,it can be infused into things for higher protection against winds,used for rains when the storm is really intense,and can also be put into drinks and foods for temporary air protection.

And in the silly verse,they can also buff up with their wind,the filter of the cheaper pump is made up of the flowers in a formation similar to fans,when it’s activated the flowers spin and create wind/air.

Plants with special effect

Sonelyn nap

See Codename Statyk to copy/paste Fred’s explanation

Amnesia bell

Native of the region of Lenaire, this flower shaped like a bell and growing in caves and rocky areas, releases a perfume with a very pleasant smell (like mint mixed with rosesand spores) who has a strong effects, generally causing:

Lenaire’s illusion plant

Palm like plant, it can be as big as a tree or short with big leaves,it produces a gas as a byproduct of photosynthesis, although its effects are stronger when injected or digested, causing:

Tightening vines

An older plant of the region,similar to tall grass but thicker,it has the ability to recognize blood that it’s poured into them,after which they will tie themselves aggressively to the person that matches the blood that it is poured into it.

Firefly oak

A tree similar to an oak whose seeds and spores glow in the dark,naturally lighting up Lenaire and look beautiful at night.

Tree can produce flowers and fruits which taste both sweet and salty with an aftertaste of either depending on the person,the juice of the fruit and the chemicals in the plant can be grinded up and through various processes,turn into tattoo ink.

(i also like the idea that this could be mixed with the stuff that the elemental tattoos are made with to give them a glowing effect!)