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Noéyihn (prononciation: [noejin]) is the main planet of McTaylis‘ multiverse. Its name is a mix of words in different languages and means « New Earth », in reference of its resemblance to our planet.

Planet info

Located far away from us in a different galaxy, the planet shares anyway same temperatures and rotation time around its sun. However, it’s equatorial radius is around 4500km (in between Venus and Mars for comparison).

Map of Noéyihn – original design by McTaylis, edited by Rýgon



Era Zero

During their space conquest, Terrians (also known as Earthlings) discovered artifacts on other planets of their solar system, tools allowing them to travel space at fast speed thanks to space portals and long-distance radars. With this new knowledge, new planets similar to Earth have been discovered. Noéyihn was the first one to explore and colonize.

A portal led directly to it, which allowed Terrians to discover ruins of another civilization, with writings in an unknown language containing representations of Earth and dinosaurs, letting them think that these last ones had been teleported here to save their species before the fall of the infamous meteorite. Terrians then discovered new kinds of reptile, astonished to find out some legends were true: dragons existed.

Noéyihn‘s special features made fauna evolve, granting animals affinities to natural elements. Eager to acquire such powers, Terrians started to study the planet’s living forms. Having no way to know precisely how much control a living being have on their element, an experience until then forbidden on Earth started: transform animals into humanoids by manipulating their DNA; something that should ease communication with Terrians. After numerous failed attempts, the experience was successful and evolved reptiles were mass-produced to learn more about their link to natural element.

Tests were conclusive but it was still unsure for humans if this incredible feature was safe for alien life. Numerous mammals got imported from Earth, transformed into humanoid animals, that people from the blue planet, now aware of this project, called « Capibian » (also called “Bian-doine”). However, linking an element to an alien race seemed way more complex than expected as DNA samples weren’t fully compatible with new subjects. More experiences had to be done.

Time passed. Amount of both humanoid reptiles and mammals increased, Terrians using them as workforce to collect materials and do even more experiences. One day, a rebellion started, targeting the main research lab where a lot of experimental technologies were developed, based on unique materials of the planet, like elemental stones. An important accident happened, leading to the fusion of experimental technologies and the destruction of an important part of the building.

A few test subjects with uncommon characteristics, modified to control multiple elements at once, got irreversible mutations; increasing their powers tenfold and transforming them into divine and immortal beings. Oxydia, Grolik and Eldorith, in a vengeful act, joined forces, causing the annihilation of any technology of the planet, cutting contact with Earth, forcing civilization to get back to more primitive, medieval state. Thus, ended Era Zero.

First era

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Reptiles claiming property of the planet, humans and capibian were chased from Noéyihn during the Great War. A group of humans seen as precursors, succeed to reboot the old space portal, pointing to another Earth colony which would become the capibian‘s planet. The portal is then destroyed by reptiles in order to cut any future contact with other planets.

Second era

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Third era

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